Really Free Speech
For free speech. Against far-right lies and intimidation
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This blog is intended to publish information about the far right and their threat to free speech. Despite their claims, the far right in the UK has shown itself to oppose free speech for everyone except themselves. While they will cry to the media about repression, even when it’s just others using their own freedom to criticise, we’ve also seen attempts to physically intimidate journalists and bloggers from the exact same people. Far right marches are often accompanied by gangs who fight anyone who disagrees with them (good luck turning up to their “free speech” events carrying any left-wing banners!). These movements need to be exposed for what they are, as do the funders and academics pulling their strings behind the curtain. What’s more, there is also a worrying cult-like trend, known as “cryptofascism”, where far-right individuals set up political groups and hide their true intentions behind populist policies. People who show support are then slowly groomed and told to distrust the “mainstream media” (in  other words, any source not run by the far right) in order to radicalise them. The groups doing this are a parasite on working class communities. This blog intends to expose cryptofascists for who they are, in order to “inoculate” people against their hate before they are sucked in.

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